Competitive Kids’ Sports: Right Priorities, Valuable Lessons | Sports Feature




  1. Andee thompson says:

    I have been the highly intense athletic mom several times to my regret. After we started the highly intense travel sports when someone did a sport for fun it was the best experience I am so happy that my kids did sports both at a fun level and at a highly intense competitive level and I miss the sports they played so much. Your blog brought that all back to me

    • lymariepj says:

      I’m HIGHLY competitive too, you’re not alone in having crossed the intensity line… But you’re an amazing, supportive mom. Your children know you have always valued them above their accomplishments. AND knowing them as I do, I also know they learned all the right lessons along the journey! Kudos to you, my friend!

  2. Without taking away from the competitiveness of the sport, coaches must understand that the life lessons learned by players on their youth sports journey are much more important than the final score of a basketball game.