Lessons Learned from Abuelita | Lifestyle and Family Portrait Session Feature




  1. Mariangie Hatton says:

    Querida Lymarie 
    Me encanto!!! Gracias por compartir esas hermosas fotos.  Verlos ha sido una bendicio.  Que mucho se quieren a los abuelitos y que mucho nos enseñan.  Atesora ese tiempo que Dios te permitio compartir con ella y crear esas memorias que nunca olvidaran. Me siento tan feliz por todos ustedes.  Estoy aguantando las ganas de llorar.  Los admiro tanto como familia y lo que han podido construir.  Son una enseñanza para mi cada día.  Siempre los llevo en mi corazón.  Un abrazo a todos. Los quiero muchoooo.

  2. Sally says:

    Oh, this is the sweetest post! So well spoken. Elderly family members have so much to give and share with us, I’m glad you had a beautiful time with her at this wedding! 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    *sniff, sniff* So sweet!!

  4. marty says:

    How beautiful and heartbreaking indeed. My uncle is suffering from dementia as well so I get the painful beauty that it brings. You post blessed me with a reminder to love my people all the more and to be grateful for the Giver of life who sustains us all.

    • Lymarie says:

      <3 Thank you Marty. I can't tell you how much your sweet comment means to me. My heart goes out to your uncle, your family, and to all of those who are caring for him!