Off To Great Places | Themed Session Feature




  1. Hazel Horvath says:

    Congratulations Class of 2019! Spread your wings and soar.

  2. Beth Brewer says:

    Lymarie Jackson- I am really feeling it now. Thank you for all the great pictures. We love them all!!

    • It hits like a ton of bricks, huh? You’ve been on my mind all week. I feel like the last chick leaving the nest will be the hardest. Thanks for sharing your girl with me!

  3. Carolyn Biagi says:

    What a gift you have and you give it back to all the Beautiful people that stand in front you and your lens. I love every shot that you share. Roanoke Rapids is a lucky town to have such a professional photographer. For me, it is the feeling that I get when looking at each of your shots. Beautiful each one.