Project Beauty 2018 | Themed Session Feature




  1. Melissa Clements says:

    These girls amaze me and offer wisdom, truth and yes,”true beauty!
    I loved reading each story and I am inspired by each of these beautiful young women. I know some of these ladies and love them all the more now!
    Young ladies, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and true self. You will touch and inspire many just as you have with me! As a young girl, teenager and even now, I have shared some of your same feelings!
    Thank you again for sharing yourselves and you all should be very proud to be a part of such a beautiful message!

    • Thank you! I don’t think that self-doubt disappears with the teenage years… but it sure was tough to navigate it then. Like you, I am inspired by their words! Working with them was my complete pleasure!

  2. Patsy says:

    Beautiful, Lymarie. Your girls have hit the nail on the head and they will go far.

  3. Cindy Liles says:

    Lymarie, this was amazing, inspiring and truly beautiful! I wish that everyone, not just teenagers, but everyone could experience true beauty! The beauty that comes from within because it must begin in the heart and flow out to truly become beautiful! This session hopefully will be a lifelong remembrance of how beautiful these young ladies truly are. Not because of the “final draft” they see on canvas but because you helped them see their beauty that flows from within. AND THAT, they now have documented under each photo as a constant reminder!